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Palmyra: Online Resources

The archaeological site of Palmira was under attack for two years, from May 2015 to March 2017. The ancient city was destroyed and an extraordinary cultural heritage has been lost.
To counter these dramatic events, the international scientific community has started uploading open data to internet - documents, photographs and projects -, with the aim of sharing as much as possible the history of Palmyra.

  • Il ya 2000 ans Palmyre

    Website on the History and Archaeology of Palmira realized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (online since December 2016).

    Il ya 2000 ans Palmyre »

  • Manar Al-Athar

    Online archive of images from the Middle East by the University of Oxford (online since 2013).

    Manar Al-Athar »

  • Palmyra

    Online Exhibition on Palmyra realized by the Freer and Sackler Galleries (Washington, Smithsonian's Museums of Asian Art) (online since December 2015).

    Palmyra »

  • Palmyra Loss & Remembrance

    Exhibition focus on the Palmyrene sculpture realized by the J. Paul Getty Museum (online since April 2018).

    Palmyra Loss & Remembrance »

  • Palmyra Portrait Project

    Research project of the University of Aarhus, which aims to realize a database online on Palmyrene funerary sculptures (online since 2014).

    Palmyra Portrait Project »

  • Palmyrena

    Website of the Syro-Norwegian Archaeological Mission (University of Bergen), which investigates Palmyra and its territory (online since 2009).

    Palmyrena »

  • Syria 1957

    Photo archive of the first Japanese mission in Syria (online database of the University of Tokyo Museum).

    Syria 1957 »

  • The Legacy of Ancient Palmyra

    Online Exhibition on the History and Archaeology of Palmyra realized by the Getty Research Institute (online since February 2017).

    The Legacy of Ancient Palmyra »

  • Tiresias. Palmyre

    Website of the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Lausanne, which collects photos taken from the "Paul Collart fund" (online since 2016).

    Tiresias. Palmyre »

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